Monday, 27 September 2010

Reporting back from the NAC (6): FCQ

Hi folks!

Since I didn't made it to the Day2 of the NAC I played the first chance qualifier. After a disappointing day my main goal was to have fun and enjoy the game, so I decided to play my new version of Broken Brujah. Turned out to be a good choice! There were 13 players only, so we made it 2 rounds + final.

1st round: Brad Cashdollar (Dmitra Alastor) -> Me (Dmitra Alastor) -> Micah Ceithanl (Kyasid SB) -> Andy Smith (Obf-Dem classic SB)

I had already 6 pool influenced on Dmitra when Brad put his own Dmitra into play. I was pretty much shocked, but after yesterdays tournament I wasn't really surprised. I had to make a very tough decision here. Either I give up on Dmitra and bring out Carlak, or I go for the contest. I figured that the only way to win this table is letting Andy oust Brad, then back oust Andy and go for the 1 on 1 with Micah. So I contested Dmitra. After this I influenced out Carlak so I could Parity Shift the Kyasid. Brad was so pissed by my decision that he contested Carlak with me just to transfer out next turn. Well I can understand that people make such emotional moves, but I really wasn't happy with this.

Andy made the big mistake that he didn't cross table bleed me with Kindred Spirits. He totally could have made the game win here if he did. After Bad transfered out I had my Dmitra and Carlak in play again. I played 2 Parity Shifts this turn, both stealing pool from my Predator, and voter cap-ed on of them, getting 8 extra pool. I offered Micah to back oust Andy for him, if he doesn't bleed so Andy can't cycle his hand. Although I had like 4 Second Traditions in my hand I declined to block and discarded the Second Traditions instead. This is a lesson I've learned at the ECQ in Burton-upon-Trent. With this strategy Andy got pretty soon hand jammed. I could generate more pool with Grooming the Protage, Parity Shift and Voter Cap and even managed to call an Alastor on Dmitra and fetch an Assault Rifle.

After I got the Assault Rifle I started to back rush. My goal was to kill the guys with superior Auspex. After this was done I told Micah that he should go for his VP now, since I can't cause those final pool damages. Of course I hoped that Micah will use up his bleed modifiers. Fortunately he did. On the 1 on 1, I could rush on of his vampires every turn and I also drew a Pentex Subversion. Micah got me down to 2 pool once, but in my turn I finished his last vampire off, so we shook hands. 1GW 2VP

2nd round: Alex Broadhead (weenie presence) -> Me (Dmitra Alastor) -> Kelly Schultz (DOC voter) -> Brad Cashdollar (Dmitra Alastor) -> Devin (Nosferoyalty trophy deck)

This was tough again. This time I decided to let Brad have Dmitra. He also had Karen Suadela which was fine with me. Since I had 2 transfers in the start I popped out Tara who was followed by Carlak. I spent my early turns building up defense against the weenie presence guy. Some Parity Shifts helped me out again. I could easily pass them since both my cross table buddies were vote deck and the table hate at this point was the weenie presence. The Nosferatu took care of the weenies so I could relax and plan my future. I carefully started to influence on Dmitra and also stared to set myself up against the Noseferatu by playing both Heroic Might and Preternatural strength on Tara. since the Nosferatu's combat engine was built around hitting for 2-3 and then Disarm + Decap I felt save with a minion that could hit for 5.

The point came when I had to go all-in. I let Kelly (my prey) oust Brad and voted in favor with him, so 2 Lily Preludes did the oust. In my turn a influenced the last 4 pool needed on Dmitra, but before that I played the New Carthage and perfected the vote lock. At this point I made a gentleman's agreement with Devin. Both of us may get our VP and we go for the heads up. Alex destroyed my Assault Rifle before he got ousted (Anarch Troublemaker), but that was nothing I couldn't recover from. My Heart of Nitzchetus helped me find both Pentex Subversions and Dmitra's special + Tara's 5 hand damage were the different. 1GW 3VP

Final: Andy Smith (classic obf-dem) -> Eric Simon (Trujah with Lydia) -> Kelly Schultz (DOC)
-> Me (Dmitra Alastor) -> Alex Broadhead (weenie pre)

I was top seated in the final with 2GW 5VP so I could choose were to sit. The Trujah was the only deck that could kill me in combat with the Domain of Evernight + Outside the Hourglass combo, so I clearly couldn't sit next to him. I also wanted to avoid Andy Smith, since I was pretty sure that if I sit behind him he will back oust me. So the only spot left was in front of Kelly.

Kelly stared really amazing. Actually I loved his deck, it is a very well built DOC deck! He started with 2 Lily Preludes, so that was -8 pool for me. But once Dmitra hit the board I could regain pool from Parity Shifts and bring out a Second titled vampire. Meanwhile my prey ousted Andy and started to put some serious pressure on the Trujah. At this point my main concern was to stop Kelly and regain some pool. I managed to get an Alastor through so I could fetch my Assault Rifle again. This was good enough to stop Kelly. Too bad, that my prey made his second VP, but now I had potential to go forward. I had to give all the pool from a Parity Shift to Kelly, so Alex can't oust him. I don't remember what the deal was that Kelly and Alex made earlier, but that included that Alex won't bleed for 2 turns. Alex kept his deal, which I find awesome and therefore I held him in the highest respect! At one point Kelly almost got me and managed to torporize Karen Suadela with Shattering Crescendo. I called Dmitra's special, voter cap-ed it and played a Forced March, so I could rescue Karen and hunt with her. Next turn I played a Fame on Alex's vampire and torporized it. Kelly almost got me again, but I drew enough Second Trads and torporized him. In my turn I bled Alex out and the 1 on 1 was pretty easy, since Kelly had almost no vampire left. 1GW 3 VP

And here is my winning deck:

Deck Name: Broken Brujah vol. II
Created By: Martin

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 25, Max: 36, Avg: 7,75)
2 Carlak dom pot CEL PRE8 Brujah
5 Dmitra Ilyanova obf CEL FOR POT PRE.9 Brujah
2 Karen Suadela POT CEL pre obf7 Brujah
2 Tara cel POT PRE 6 Brujah
1 Tomaine CEL POT PRE 6 Brujah

Library: (78 cards)
Master (13 cards)
1 Fame
6 Grooming the Protege
1 Monastery of Shadows
2 New Carthage
2 Pentex Subversion
1 Wider View

Action (2 cards)
1 Heroic Might
1 Preternatural Strength

Action Modifier (12 cards)
4 Forced March
4 Perfect Paragon
4 Voter Captivation

Political Action (12 cards)
5 Alastor
7 Parity Shift

Reaction (12 cards)
12 Second Tradition: Domain, The

Combat (12 cards)
6 Psyche!
4 Side Strike
2 Taste of Vitae

Equipment (6 cards)
3 Assault Rifle
1 Heart of Nizchetus
1 Helicopter
1 Ivory Bow

Event (1 cards)
1 Dragonbound

Combo (8 cards)
8 Resist Earth`s Grasp


  1. Congratulations Martin!

    Good report and well played games. :)

  2. Thank you Derek Castor!

    Good to know, that you read my blog, too!

  3. Nice deck, and congratulations, Gerentt! Did you consider Temptation of a Greater Power? Seems great in a deck like this.

  4. Thanks Ira. Yes I did consider it. I often make 1-2 cards metagame choices with this deck. I've figured that at the FCQ I won't have enough pool for this card and it turned out I was right. On a tournament where I expect less aggressive decks I would definitely add it.