Sunday, 30 March 2014

Looking for a game similar to Ceasar III

Hi folks!

So I've been thinking of Ceasar III recently, a game a really enjoyed a lot. Do you guys know of any modern (2013 - 2014) game similar to that good old classic one! Please drop a comment!

Help is much appreciated.

by: mephistopheles

Sunday, 23 March 2014

My first Netrunner tournament win

Hi folks!

So I played an android: netrunner tournament yesterday in Budapest. I went into this tournament pretty unprepared as I haven't played a single game since the tournament in Szeged. I chose the exact same decks than last time: Chaos Theory as a runner and Personal Evolution as the corp deck.

There were 4 rounds + the final. The decks worked great and finally also luck was in my favor. I managed to beat my Nemesis, Flekk's Street Hawk deck for the first time. Originally I planned to take notes so I could write a detailed tournament report, but as I started the day with 2 coffees and plenty of Coke with a bag of dextrose sugar I pretty much shocked my body and don't really remember a lot. I know I lost only once with the runner and also only one time with the corp. In the final I had to start with corp and managed to fast advance to the 7 agenda point mark allowing the runner to score 3 agenda points only. With Chaos Theory I pretty rapidly stole 4 agenda points which meant we didn't have to play it down.

Now I feel like trying some new ideas and play different decks next time, so here are my decklists:

Chaos Theory

Ice breakers:
Femme Fatale x2
Snowball (Yes Corroder is better, but not worth the 2 influence points imo)

Sure Gamble x3
Dirty Laundry x3
Account Siphon x3
Magnum Opus x2
Modded x3

Card Flow:
Diesel x3
Quality Time
Levy AR Lab Access x2

Akamatsu Mem Chip x3
Plascrete Carapace x2
Net Shield
Test Run x3
Scavenge x3

Win Condition:
The Maker's Eye x2
Indexing x2

Personal Evolution

Braintrust x3
Fetal AI x3
Unorthodox Predictions x3
Clone Retirement x3
Gila Hands Arcology x2

Beanstalk Royalties x3
Celebrity Gift x3
Hedge Fund x3

Snare! x3
Shock! x3
Hokusai Grid x2

NBN splash:
SanSan City Grid x2
Jackson Howard x3

Neural Katana x3
Data Mine x3
Paper Wall x2
Himitsu-Bako x2

by: mephistopheles

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tournament Report: Netrunner in Szeged

Hi folks!

So I played a great tournament this weekend in Szeged. We were 11 players (yeah, that actually sux) and after 4 really tough duels I finished a solid 5th place. I again played my Jinteki / Chaos Theory setup. Too much time has passed to remember everything that happened, but here are some things I have learned:


In the first two games I just easily flatlined the runner. Shock!, Fetal AI, Snare! and Hokusai Grid with a well timed Neural Katana just makes so much damage that the runner has to 100% aware through all the game. I think I made a great choice when discarding all the trap cards from my deck. Now I go straight forward with SanSan City Grid to basically play a sort of Jinteki Fast Advance. Putting more time pressure on the runner to force him into risky situations.

In the third round I played against a Streethawk shaper deck and I knew I would loose this one. Not only because the deck runs Net Shield and has amazing card flow, but because Flekk is a very experienced Jinteki player himself. 

The fourth round bugs me most. I lost to the guy who later won the tournament. The game was on the edge all the time. However in hindsight I see two reasons why I lost this one: a) I should have played the Archer on a remote server instead of HQ. This way I would have been able to score my agendas in time (this is only speculation of course). b) I underestimated Keyhole a bit. 

Chaos Theory 

I got flatlined by a Sorched Earth once. I should have relentlessly cycled my deck to find a Plascrete asap. On the other hand I had very bad luck, since I lacked only 1 agenda point to win this one. When I made a successful run with Indexing I only found one 1 point agenda. 

In the last round all I needed to win was an Account Siphon in time. I drew as many cards as I could, but failed to find one. Chaos Theroy runs only 40 cards and has 3 Account Siphons in it. That was really bad luck only. 

Next Time

Next time I go to a tournament I should definitely sleep more, since 4 hours sleep is not enough for a day of netrunner :)

by: mephistopheles

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today is match day

Hi folks!

So today is champions league day. Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich. As many of you might know I am a huge Bayern Munich fan. The kind of fan, who was born as a Bayern fan and will die as a Bayern fan. I'll hope to see a great game and another success for my team. 

Monday, 17 February 2014


Hi folks!

Eight people voted in the last poll (Do you like the new design). Three people like it and five people Salami. I am happy to see that there were no dislikes.

by: mephistopheles

Friday, 14 February 2014

Two decks I have in mind...

Hi folks!

Sooner or later I will play v:tes again anyway. I have two deck ideas in my mind...

1. Sack dat Jake

This deck idea is based on the Akunanse Kamiri wa Itherero (advanced). The idea is to exploit the following mechanic: play Jake Washington, destroy Jake with Ithereros ability to do 2 damage as an action -> play: Taking the Skin: Minion -> bleed twice. Use Enkil Cog as a perma bleed bonus + the option to bleed once more out of turn. This deck allows to be built toolboxy for great variety and fun.

2. Absimilard's Army Snakes

Play Absimiliard's Army. Whenever someone uses it make sure to play a Set's Curse on it. Use it yourself, but leave your own ghoul's as a target for Set's Curse at last.

by: mephistopheles

Monday, 10 February 2014

No posts during this week

Hi folks!

I had to go to Germany on Holland for work and won't have proper internet access. Therefore I can't post anything during this week. I'll be back on Friday so I'll post something again this weekend.

by: mephistopheles