Monday, 8 March 2010

Making use of HttB (1st part): Synesios based vote deck

No other v:tes expansion had such a big influence on me like HttB. Since I opened my first booster hardly a day passes by without having at least one new deck idea. Besides, that many bloodlines became really playable, this expansion also emphasises the "role playing part" of the respective bloodlines. Cards like Cheat the Fates, Great Symposium, Pressing Flesh or Shattering Crescendo are not only useful but create a certain "atmosphere".

This time my deck relies on two major "combos". First of all I will make use of Synesios' special ability, which allows you to gain an extra master phase action for one pool when you play a master: out-of-turn. When combined with a trifle master: out-of-turn like Wash this will result in two master phase actions! Check here: Synesios + Wash

The second "combo" is based on the new card Outside the Hourglass. While acting as a combat defence card for the malkavians it is the basis for an offensive combat solution for Synesios when combined with Domain of Evernight. Two aggravated damage before range will take care of almost any blocking minion. Combine this with some pieces of Mask of Thousand Faces and a Monster on Synesios and people will have a hard time blocking you.

This deck is mainly an aggressive voter deck. Don't forget that Synesios can use the Mask of Thousand Faces on Malkavian Justicar since it can be called by any vampire! The basic idea is to wash every master card from which your prey might get pool and oust him as fast as possible. In some situations you can also stand and defend and try to go for the one-turn-oust.

This deck reminds me a little of the old Rabbat decks, however it does have much more ousting power. I have already played with a 90 card version of it, but figured that a 75 card version with Ashur Tablets might work better.

I think it is amazing how one common card like Outside the Hourglass leads to a whole new deck idea. At this point I have to give credit to Péter Korsós. This deck was inspired by his similar version featuring Krassimir + obf-dom weenies and working as a kind of bruise and bleed deck. Since his version relied on drawing an obfuscate skill card on Krassimir, so he can use Mask of Thousand Faces, I thought that Synesios might be more reliable. Also I find it harder to defend against a vote deck than a bruise and bleed deck.

So, here is the deck list:

Deck Name: Synesios and Malkavians ver02
Created By: Mephistopheles

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 17, Max: 32, Avg: 6,41)
1 Didi Meyers aus cel DOM obf5 Malkavian
2 Gilbert Duane AUS DOM OBF 7 Malkavian
2 Greger Anderssen AUS dom OBF pro7 Malkavian
1 Roland Bishop aus dom obf 4 Malkavian
4 Synesios obf POT PRE ser TEM8 True Brujah
1 Watenda obf 3 Malkavian
1 Zebulon aus dom OBF pro5 Malkavian

Library: (75 cards)
Master (18 cards)
6 Ashur Tablets
1 Coven, The
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Giant`s Blood
1 Pentex Subversion
6 Wash
1 Monster

Action Modifier (20 cards)
8 Domain of Evernight
3 Forgotten Labyrinth
3 Lost in Crowds
6 Mask of a Thousand Faces

Political Action (20 cards)
9 Kine Resources Contested
3 Malkavian Justicar
2 Neonate Breach
3 Parity Shift
3 Reckless Agitation

Reaction (5 cards)
5 Deflection

Combat (12 cards)
3 Amaranth
9 Outside the Hourglass

by: Mephistopheles

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