Friday, 9 March 2012

Deck of the Month: February

Hi folks!

Long time no post, but now I am back with the DotM for February. After spending some time searching for a Deck outside of the TWDA I had to realize that there is no way for me to not choose Ferenc Vasadi's Unnamed Shatter deck.

I love the way he uses Enkil Cog in the Deck to shatter that gate in 1.5 turns! Also I have a love for big caps that can not bounce bleed. This deck is so full of feeling and so evil that it just had to become DotM. Congratulations to Frankie for building and winning with it!

Deck Name:  Unnamed shatter
Created By:  Ferenc Vasadi

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 40, Avg: 7,83)
4 The unnamed  CEL DAI OBF PRE PRO 10 Baali
3 Annazir  DAI OBF POT PRE   9 Baali
3 Xeper  OBF PRE ani dai pro  7 Baali
2 Horde  dai obf pre    3 Baali

Library: (69 cards)
Master (18 cards)
 1 Archon Investigation
 2 Dreams of the Sphinx
 1 Giant`s Blood
 1 Jake Washington (Hunter)
 1 Life Boon
 1 Monastery of Shadows
 1 Parthenon, The
 1 Pentex Subversion
 1 Perfectionist
 1 Ruins of Charizel
 1 Secure Haven
 4 Tend the Flock
 2 Villein

Action (12 cards)
 1 Contagion
 2 Flurry of Action
 7 Shatter the Gate
 2 Unleash Hell's Fury

Action Modifier (16 cards)
 4 Enkil Cog
 2 Faceless Night
 3 Forgotten Labyrinth
 1 I Am Legion
 3 Lost in Crowds
 3 Psychomachia

Reaction (8 cards)
 1 Confusion of the Eye
 5 Eluding the Arms of Morpheus
 2 Mental Maze

Combat (6 cards)
 4 Earth Meld
 2 Form of Mist

Retainer (2 cards)
 2 Homunculus

Equipment (1 cards)
 1 Heart of Nizchetus

Event (2 cards)
 1 Narrow Minds
 1 Scourge of the Enochians

Combo (4 cards)
 4 Sense the Sin

by: Mephistopheles


  1. That's definetely a good choice. I saw the deck at Mainz recently. It is full of athmosphere and not uber, just good and fun to play. I like it very much. Frankie plays it superbly.