Thursday, 1 December 2011

Coming up next year: Deck of the Month

Hi folks!

Beginning with January 2012 I will follow extrala's example and choose a Deck of the Month. However I will choose different criteria. The following points will grant "extra points" (even though it is not mandatory):

1. No bleed bounce in the deck
2. No Dominate in the deck except for cards like Thoughts Betrayed, Graverobbing, etc.
3. Technical changeling deck concept (so no if-then-else like a weenie Dementation).
4. Underdog crypt cards (for example: Samedi, Harbringer, Brujah antitribu, etc.).
5. None of the following cards are in the deck: Liquidation, Ashur Tablets, Lilith's Blessing. Note: I do not consider to add Villein to this list. I see no problem with that card. Villein brought back the Big Caps from nowhere and I am a huge fan of biggies. 

Note: Since I consider Imbued: the Unmasking (i:tu) a different game that happens to have the same rules than v:tes I will never ever choose any Imbued based deck as Deck of the Month no matter how creative it is. 

Winning a tournament is not a criteria for me. However I won't choose 0-0-0 vp decks either. Making it to a final and finishing 2nd place or just scoring at least 1 Game Win is enough though. As extrala says: there will be no reward other than your five minutes of fame. 

I am looking forward to choose the first Deck of the Month!

by: Mephistopheles

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